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Pressure Points


Is Kinesiology right for you?

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15 min - Discovery Session | FREE

(Skype or Face to Face)

90 min - First time clients initial Kinesiology Session | $100.00

90 min - Initial or Follow up Kinesiology Session | $130.00

60 min - Follow up Kinesiology Session $100.00

*Pensioner, Student & Concession Discount Available

30 min - Mat & Chat Package $50.00

(30 min on the Quantum Bio Mat with Kinesiology Session)


Three Session Package: - 3x Kinesiology Sessions | $300.00

*Booked Upfront

30 min - Iridology Consult | $30.00

Y60 min - KinIris | $80.00

(30 min Kinesiology + 30 min Iridology) 


What if everything that you are going through in life is a relationship?

A relationship with self, others, things, concepts, emotions, mental, physical and biochemical.

This also incorporates the 5 elements philosophy of Chinese Medicine. 

Our natural state is one of equilibrium. When we are out of balance, it can show up in many ways.

Kinesiology is an east meets west modality  to access the superhighway of communication between your mind, body and brain. The mind tells stories whereas the body tells the truth. Through the art of muscle monitoring, kinesiology gets to the source of the wisdom (you) to find what patterns are keeping you stuck and where energy can be focussed towards your next best step.

NLP (neuro linguistic programming)  uncovers the blueprint of the story through the language we use and the data we filter. All of these things are unique to each person.

Using a combination of kinesiology and NLP helps drive change as it gets all the parts of us on board with the new programs  that will serve our desired outcomes better.

Being creative beings, we create the problems and the solutions.  If we do not create, we disconnect from the self and live a life of quiet desperation.

I invite you to move from a life of cause to one of effect

Connect. Disrupt. Create.



Pain management, performance enhancement, digestive issues, concentration/ learning  difficulties are just some of the areas it has been helpful for.

Results vary as people do and some issues might take a while to shift depending on the circumstances and people .  Kinesiology and NLP are great complementary tools to work with other therapies, medical treatments or rehabilitation plans. Kinesiologists do not treat, diagnose or prescribe.



  • People who are feeling dead & empty inside but everything on paper looks great – ticking off the boxes/ going through the motions

  • Reconnecting people with their own creativity & what they really want to do

  • Navigating career change / crossroads

  • Emotional trauma / ongoing depression

  • Burnout / relationship/ energy vampires /  setting boundaries

  • Personality disorders / BPD  - support for carers/ family

  • Complementary support for those with direct lived experience of BPD

  • People whose spaces have become overcluttered  and out of control

  • People who have spent a lifetime of saying “ no”  and “ I’m not ready” 

  • People who have come from family backgrounds of mental illness.

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Is Kinesiology right for you?
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