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Kurrajong Kinesiology


Ann combines kinesiology and NLP (neuro linguistic program) for powerful results. 

She is thrilled to now add Iridology to her tool kit to provide more insight for clients.

Ann's special approach and passion lies especially in: 

  • Helping people who feel dead and empty inside/ ticking off boxes/ going through the motions. 

  • Navigating career change/ crossroads. 

  • Reconnecting people with their inner creativity.

  • Helping clients make the shift through emotional trauma/depression.

  • Burnout/ relationship issues/ energy vampires & setting boundaries.

  • People whose physical spaces have become cluttered and out of control.

  • People who have come from family backgrounds of mental illness. 

  • Special support for those who are carers / family / friends of those with Personality Disorders.

  • Complementary  support for direct lived experience of BPD (Borderline).

  • People who have spent a lifetime saying "no" and " I'm not ready".

Ann is a singer songwriter, currently recording her 3rd album. She comes from a background of media account management.

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