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IRTHLii - Healing, Coaching & Tarot


Michelle is a Certified Life Coach, Reiki Healer & Tarot Reader. She facilitates clients in deep healing and empowerment. Her clients have risen from anxiety, depression & trauma. She provides a personal experience and actively supports clients through follow ups between sessions.

Services assist with:

-  Confidence boosting & empowerment

-  Mental health & inner peace

-  Natural pain relief & accelerated post operative healing

-  Spiritual awakening & connection

-  Navigating life’s purpose

-  Trauma & abuse healing

-  Grief, miscarriage & heartbreak healing

-  Building healthy relationships, careers and environments

-  Creative block release & Chakra cleansing


-  Reiki: A balancing & healing practice through touch; for
physical, mental & spiritual health.

-  Life Coaching: A conversational mentoring to connect you with higher purpose & your path.

-  Tarot: Card reading to provide insight & wisdom to life’s questions - past, present and future.

To book  Michelle's services, click here

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