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Innate Healing Body Therapies


Dee has been a qualified Bowen Therapist for 4 years and is within reach of becoming a Remedial Massage Therapist. 

Dee is a mum to 3 young children, she wanted a business for herself that was flexible, rewarding and on her own terms and that’s where The Cottage comes into her story.


After meeting Claudia and Jayne, Dee soon realised that they were the ladies to help her start and build a successful business.


The Cottage is a place with great, strong and independent women. It hosts beautiful clients as well as a warm and comforting atmosphere. 


Dee loves treating her clients with beautiful holistic & healing body techniques. She loves everything natural and holistic which includes essential oils, crystals and healing. Dee creates a space where her clients feel safe and allows them to relax, unwind and de-stress from their day to day lives. 


In the future she plans to train in many other healing modalities such as reiki, crystal healing, hot stone and other specific massage techniques.

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