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Awakenings Sacred Journeys & Healings


Juanita is a facilitator for Awakenings Sacred Journeys and is a Conduit of Higher Frequency Energies.


Her experience is as follows:

  • 31 years of Meditation Practice

  • Graduate of Australian Academy of Applied Parapsychology

  • The Journey Home Ascension Course Graduate - completed with Honours

  • Facilitating Meditation Groups since 2012 

  • Facilitating Pyramid Healing Sessions since 2012 

Juanita is practised in:

  • Meditation Sessions and groups 

  • Pyramid Healing  

  • DNA Reprogramming   

  • Energy Blueprint Healing 

  • Spiritual Life Coaching 

Juanita believes she is blessed with a Life Mission of reconnecting people with their Inner Light. She assists clients on a path where they can connect to their magical inner world, finding a place of peace and enable them to traverse in life with a Higher perspective. 

Her aim is to unshackle individuals from any false beliefs that they have about themselves and their World whilst assisting them on their Journey of re-connection. To experience the magnificence of realising ‘Who I Truly am’.  Juanita wants clients to experience life from the perspective of their Divine Self - their place of Empowerment, Creation and Magic – To access their unlimited Intuitive knowledge. 


Juanita will take you to a place of stillness, deep within where Miracles can Manifest and then she'll fly you out to the farthest reaches of the Heavens. 

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